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Football betting is becoming popular and competitive in the online marketplace. To lure more users, aggressive bookmakers offer an array of free football bets. Like new member or sign up bonuses that other gaming casinos offer, football betting has various offers of free bets up for grabs.

Firstly, there are free deposit bonuses. To get this type of offer, register with a football bookmaker. Make your first deposit, and you will automatically receive a bonus. The site predetermines the rate, but it ranges from 20% to 100%. A free deposit bonus is a motivating start, especially for newbies, and increases your chances of winnings for less wager, if you are lucky to win the first bet.

Another offer is the matched free bet. In this case, the bookmaker matches the amount of the first bet you make, provided it doesn’t exceed say €50.

The ‘No lose first bet’ is the other free bet to go for though it’s rare. It works on the principle that if you lose your first bet on a match, you are allowed to place another free bet of equal value.

Spotting Football Betting Offers

Browsing every bookmarker’s site to see their offers can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be with as we provide a list of different types of football betting offers, and the amounts to earn from various bookies. This information is crucial for a football punter before choosing the bookie to sign up to. It is also essential to state your betting needs and look for a bookie with suitable offers. Always bet wisely.

Selecting Football Free Bet Offers

It’s noteworthy that there is no perfect football betting offer that outshines the others. Each offer has its pros and cons. Let’s look at the merits and disadvantages of the common types of free football bets:

• Deposit Bonus – Don’t hesitate to go for this offer if you know through your pre-match statistics that your team will win a match. If you win, especially on considerable odds, you will be fortunate. An extra 50% is quite sizeable to earn you more money. The shortcoming of the deposit bonus is that once you lose, your bonus is no more. To avoid the risk, try ‘Free No Deposit Football Bets’ but still no guarantees to earn on the offer.

• No Lose First Bets – This is a deal that no one would turn down. Usually, it requires you to place another bet of a similar amount after losing on a first bet. The downside is that the bookie limits your betting amount so you can’t go in big.

• Matched Free Bets – This is an appealing choice to accompany a possible win. The bookmaker matches your first bet to give you another opportunity to bet. Like other free bet bonuses, the drawback is that this offer is exclusively for your first bet.

What to Know About Football Betting Sites

• Terms and conditions – Behind every offer, some terms and conditions apply. Therefore, it’s essential to read through before making any commitments. Don’t be overly excited by the attractive bonuses to place a bet before understanding the terms of a bookie.

• Odds – This refers to how much a bookmaker should pay the bettor relative to the stake if a selection is correct. If the chances of the selection being right are high, the odds are usually low, and vice versa. Odds get displayed in one of three formats; Moneyline, decimal, or fraction. Each online bookie has set its odds for the available selections. Always compare the odds of different bookies to get what you consider the best deal. Also, find the free bets offered and the long-term bonuses.

• Stake – This refers to the amount you risk on a bet. If you lose on a wager, the bookmaker keeps the stake, but if you win, it returns the stake along with your winnings. Bookmakers have a minimum stake, which bettors must stake. Often, it is a small value, for example, €1. Also, check the maximum stake for your bookie.

• Payout – This is the total amount paid to you by a bookmaker if his wager wins. It is the winning plus the stake.

• Screen – Most football betting sites have several things in common. The layout of the betting screens is similar for most betting sites making it easier for customers to find what they need. In the middle of the screen are odds and markets, whereas the sports display on the left-hand side.

• Long-term betting – It is good to make a prudent choice of a bookie and stick to it for all your football betting adventures. Consistency allows you to enjoy long-term privileges and bonuses.